Retracting Cleaners

In-Line Sprayer IS 25

Tank cleaning size: max. 1.6 m (5.2 ft)
Operating Pressure: 1.8 to 2.5 bar
(26.1 to 36.3 psi)
Flow rate: 2.9 to 5.4 m3/h
48.3 to 90.4 l/min.
12.8 to 23.8 USpgm
Spray pattern: 192° to 360°

The In-line Sprayer IS 25 is equipped with a pullout spray head that is withdrawn from the product chamber during production (Retractor).

In-Line Sprayer IS 25

This design makes the IS 25 in particular suitable for the cleaning of tanks with moving components, such as straight-arm paddle agitators and scrapers. For pipe CIP using large amounts of solvents as cleaning medium, the use of inline sprayers reduces the costs for cleaning considerably.

During the cleaning procedure the spray head is pneumatically actuated and pulled out. On completion of the cleaning cycle, the spray head returns to its non-actuated position by spring.


  • Operational safe in function and process
  • Can be validated
  • Spring-closing, pneumatic opening
  • Vacuum resistant up to -0.9 barG
  • Feedback of both actuated positions
  • Proximity switch holder for feedback or control module
  • Allowed in ATEX Zone 0G/20D, but with control module made of Vestamid
  • Seal rings in: EPDM/FKM or solvent resistant FFKM
  • Surfaces in contact with CIP and product Ra ≤ 0.8 μm
  • FDA conform
  • Optional ATEX exempt
Technical Data
Recommended pressure 1.8 - 2.5 bar (26.1 - 36.3 psi)
Cleaning diameter max. 1.6 m (5.2 ft)
Flow rate 2.9 - 5.4 m³/h
48.3 - 90.4 l/min.
12.8 - 23.8 USpgm
Spray pattern 192° - 360°
Materials: product wetted
Materials: not product wetted
316L (1.4435) with EPDM / FKM or FFKM
304 (1.4301) with NBR
Weight approx. 6 kg (13.23 lbs)



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